Day 2: The No Gulten, Alcohol, Sugar, Animal Product Cleanse

Last night some of us headed over to Sarah's; everyone had ice cream sundaes and I had an orange and a small banana, which was just as good. No, seriously! I was totally fine.

Discovery: you need to put rice milk in your coffee first, and a LOT of it, for it to taste sort of like coffee should, and not like dirty dog feet.

Lunch yesterday was sweet potatoes brushed with olive oil, sprinkled with salt and baked until soft. I will definitely be making that again; it was incredible, and I'm not sure why making it that way never occurred to me before. Jen told me that they have lots of fiber and let me just tell you: Yeah. They do. LOTS and LOTS of fiber. You have been warned.

I had salad for dinner which I'm trying to avoid, but I couldn't. Fancy black and green olives made it tasty and filling, and afterward I wanted a cookie, but I brushed my teeth instead.

Today I think I'm going to attempt tofu!