Day 1: The No Gulten, Alcohol, Sugar, Animal Product Cleanse

Here we go!

There is no gluten in oatmeal, but regular oatmeal is processed in such a way that it becomes significantly contaminated and, therefore, unfit for a gluten-free diet. I went on a search for unpolluted oatmeal (being that the entire success of my diet hinges on me being able to have it for breakfast) and I didn't find any. I had talked to Stu!'s mom about it before; she's gluten-intolerant and was lamenting the price of gluten-free oatmeal so I knew it existed, but an hour in the local Big Y turned up nothing. I bought cream of rice instead.

I'm basically eating baby food.

I punched it up with some blueberries and it was pretty good, I guess.

My coffee with rice milk tastes like the time I was asleep on the floor and Matty put his paw in my mouth after he had been digging. I'm hoping I'll get used to it.