Phones + Tino

"Two seconds." I promised, and dragged Stu! to the Helio counter in the mall, just to check them out. The toothless douchebag who was working behind the counter acknowledged me only after I interrupted his conversation with his douchebag friend.


I finally got him to hand me an Ocean, so I could really check it out. As they say on Project Runway, "I looks cheap. It doesn't feel expensive." I have a $50 hold-me-over generic phone from Verizon that has more substantial weight to it.

One of Rob's friend's has an Envy; I used it to send a text and wanted to lick it. Maybe I'll get one of those... but it doesn't have GPS.

I want to design my own phone, called the Amber Phone.


Tino is going to be by the vet for a few days, and then he'll be with someone else who fosters dogs until he can finally come home. Schedules and flight times are still up in the air (no pun intended). It's really frustrating, and all I want is for my poor little guy to quit being shuffled from place to place, and get home where I can love on him.