Free Bed!

So, last night? I almost opened the iPhone. Because, seriously? It's an iPhone. And this is getting annoying. Who gets agida over a phone?

Also: the bed. We tried to get a grown-up bed in December and it arrived damaged, so we sent for non damaged pieces. They arrived yesterday, equally as damaged as the first.

The company offered us a refund of $100 if we kept it. We said no taco; we would ship it back, or keep it for a 100% refund. They said, "Yeah, right." initially, but they probably realized that it would be more cost-effective to just give it to us. They sent us another email saying they were issuing a full refund, and we were free to keep the bed and all the extra parts that go with it. While the bed we paid for looked like utter crap, this free bed looks pretty good; all it needs is a touch of varnish...