Last Night

This is what happenened last night:

We got there, Rob showed up, I got a PBR, I got mocked for said PBR, this guy said, "I know an ah-MAH-zing bar down the way", we went, it was loud, he left anyway, the food was not my thing and I was starving, I danced, we left, we walked blocks and blocks, I fell and hurt my knee and my camera, (it's all scuffed), Dash Dogs was closed, I wept, we walked down the road, I bonded with Rob's cool new work friend Rob, i found a truck that served marginally sanitary and amazingly delicious food, we found a dive, Rob found co-workers who said, "Oh, if you're in this bar, you're probably cool" and got to talk to them for the first time, one told me he couldn't grow a beard because he looked like a terrorist and got hassled; some guy in a UCLA sweatshirt just stood there, I said, "Hi, UCLA!" and he goes "I thought my friends were behind me. Now, I'm just a tool.", I said, "No sweat, UCLA, just dance" and demonstrated, and everyone else did, too, and so did the dude in the UCLA sweatshirt; there was a girl in the bathroom who threw up on herself and sat down on the ground naked so her big, white jiggly ass was poking under the partition of the stall and it smelled like puke; he made out with her, she made out with that guy, and those two almost made out, but didn't. Rob's friend Jen showed up, and it made my night, because she is awesome. He threw up, and I felt horrible for him. Somewhere in the middle of it I realized I might just have been happier staying home with my dogs, who I started to miss around midnight.