I'm Perfect

I kept trying to make New Years resolutions, but there are no major flaws I want to work on (I tried to tell Stu! that I didn't have any flaws at all, and she offered to make me a list.)

I'm always slowly conquering little and big problems in my life. Like, a few months ago, I resolved to do the laundry promptly and on time every week, and it took a few tries before I really got the hang of it, but I did. And now I am the laundry queen. (Not the ironing queen, though. I HATE ironing!)

I also resolved to cook dinner more often, and learn new recipes, and I did that too.

Right now, I'm trying to go out more. It takes work to find something to wear, get showered and find people to go out with. But I'm trying to savor the years I have child-less, where I can still do these things, so I'm making the effort. Such a hard life, right? I'm also trying (always) to be more environmentally friendly and personally healthy. So I'm slowly replacing our everyday things with organic alternatives, and exercising more.

I got a call from Daniela today; Tino is doing "fantastic". She says he's very kind and clean. He does his "pupu" outside only, and is extremely friendly. 11 days until he can come home!