Project Runway Goes Candy

I'm watching a little late, but OH MY GOSH! When Tim Gunn says the dress you created looks like a maxi pad, you should just go home. I choked on the popsicle I was eating... TIM GUNN SAID MAXI PAD! I was giggling like a third grader.

This was my favorite episode, and not just because they got rid of the most annoying contestant (see ya, Spit Marks!). I like the food challenge in each season, and this was especially fun. Now I want to go visit the Hershey store in Times Square and get a coffee-table sized candy bar, and some giant twizzlers (normally I avoid Times Square like the plague because it's full of over-priced, shitty bars and tourists looking to eat at Bubba Gump's Shrimp Company or *shudder* Applebees).

I loved the, "This episode of Project Runway is brought to you by Hershey" commercial. No shit.

They should have given the corporate rep. some sugar before she did. her. stilted. lines. She was really horrible.

Zac Posen? So cute.

I loved the winning dress, and the runner up, too!

The winning dress.

The runner-up, made out of Twizzlers.