Food Baby

Last night Stu! and I went seeking Thai food just outside of Times Square which meant, to get there, we had to walk through it. We actually walked right through all the the theaters, just as they were getting out. There were tourists, lots of them, swarming all over the street, bee-lining for the Hard Rock Cafe. *twitch*

We walked right by the hated Bubba Gump Shrimp Company.

We also walked by the Hershey store, but I didn't go in because it was already late, and we were starving. I still want my gigantic Hershey bar, though. Apparently you can have one personalized.

We finally found what we were looking for, and it was amazing food. This is Stu! peeking at the outdoor menu, and wrapped up in a black scarf.

The food was amazing, and we ate way too much. Afterwards, we started walking the few blocks to the bar.

"I totally have a food baby" I said, gripping my protruding stomach.

"Mine is kicking" Stu! said.

It was so, so worth it.