Frothy Goodness

"Excuse me, miss? There seems to be a mistake. I believe I ordered the *large* cappuccino. *Hello!* Look at the size of this thing."

"It's practically a bowl."

"It's like Campbell's Cup-O'-ccino!"

All I think about, apparently, is food.

To add to my lamenting over missed pigs-in-a-blankets and raving about perfect grilled cheeses, I bring you tales of a caffeinated slice of heaven: my own, handcrafted cappuccino.

I keep saying the best thing about getting married is a toss up between true, undying love and fabulous kitchen gadgets people ship to your house on a near daily basis. Well, my first sip of cappuccino this afternoon had me momentarily tipped in favor of the gifts. I have a new cappuccino machine, and I have no idea why I never had one before. It's amazing.

Stu! came over the other night and we had the first go at using it (she brought me espresso from Starbucks, because she is awesome.) We didn't steam the milk hot enough, so they were alright, but lukewarm. I thought I would have to get a special thermometer to go with it, but my plain old meat thermometer works perfectly. (I plop it in the milk and steam until it reaches the "Roast Beef, Rare" setting!)

Today I made my second, perfect-temperature cup, and it is FABULOUS. My extra huge Williams-Sonoma coffee cups (roughly the size of a small cereal bowl) made it very chic, and I topped it off with some cinnamon.

This is not good for my caffeine addiction.