The Most Perfect Grilled Cheese

If you like really good grilled cheese, I'm sorry. My husband made me the world's best grilled cheese, and I ate it. And no, this isn't one of those posts where I have nothing better to say. This was actually the best grilled cheese in the world.

We have no sliced American cheese in the house, so he used sliced pieces off the block of cheddar we have, and I have no idea what he did to make the cheese MOLTEN gooey, but he did it. There were no hard, un-melted pieces of cheese in the middle like there are when I make them this way. Nor was the cheese so melted the bread absorbed it. It actually dripped out the sides when I bit into it. And the crust was perfectly crispy brown, with just a tiny bit too much butter, so really, it was the perfect amount. I even ate the crust, and I never eat crust.

I love this man.