Drinking (and More Food)

I went bar hoping! I'd never gone before, which, being 25 and fairly used to "going out" is kind of unusual. I've gone to bars, but never hoping. It's fun!

It was one of those things where it was me and Rob and one of his friends, and I brought a friend along (Stu!) and then his friend brought his girlfriend/lady friend/ (?), and then Stu! remembered that Carissa lives in the city, so we called her and she met up with us and brought along a friend, so when all was said and done, we where this 7-large group of random twenty-somethings, and we all got along really well. Rob's friend lives all the way up on 100th street, and there is a parking garage RIGHT next door to him that will park your car all night for $15, which is way cheaper than the train we usually take.

We went ALLLLLL the way downtown, and Carissa took us to Dash Dogs in the East Village, which is a hot dog restaurant (only in New York, right?). They take a (kosher, all-beef) hot dog and top it with anything and everything you want. You can make your own combo of toppings, or select one of the several they have listed on the menu written on the mirrored wall (I got two because they were cheap and I couldn't decide. I couldn't finish them both: one had sweet corn relish and mustard; it was ok. The other was a chili dog with cheese and Fritos!!! Menu name: Infamous Stoned. Was incredible.)

We got to drinking in two different bars (the second in which I got the most AMAZING chicken fingers) and I nearly accomplished my goal of "drinking so much I forget my name".

We got home at 4 in the morning, meaning I got Stu! to stay not only up, but OUT, all night. If you knew my Stu!, you'd be amazed.

Thus Rob and I have proved (and will continue to do so) that married does NOT = staying in and being "smug marrieds" on Saturday nights. I say good for us. (Not, however, so good for my stomach. Perhaps the next time we stay out all night, we'll omit the 11pm chili dogs.)