Dog Paddle!

I am so proud.

The first time we took Matty to the dog park with Jackson, Stu!'s dog, he stood in the water up to, um, his knees? (sidenote: do dogs have knees and, if not, what do they have?) and cried, but refused to go further. We tried several times to no avail. I had high hopes for Leeloo to swim, being that she's part lab, but figured she might need Jackson to teach her.

Yesterday we all went to the dog park, and I was super excited when we got to the lake part of it. I declared it "The moment of truth" for my Leeloo; this was her first time at this particular dog park, and we'd never seen her in a lake before.

Jackson, as usual, bounded right in, and I waited to see what would happen next.

I don't remember exactly how it went down. One minute Matty was in the water up to his... whatevers, crying like usual, and the next, he took a few steps and went paddling about! And Leeloo went paddling about after him. I think the first time Matty was going for a ball and forgot that he doesn't swim. I pushed my luck a bit and threw the ball a little ways out, and he swam to get it! I threw it further still, and he was game to retrieve it yet again.

He's not a GOOD swimmer, certainly not as good as Jack, who is a lab and has long legs. (Matty's legs are not the longest, as you can see from this picture.) He also had a bit of trouble keeping his head above water, and he kept trying to wag his big tail, which, when wet, is really heavy. It was kind of awkward, dorky, and sad. But still! He did it!

Leeloo, who is madly in love with her brother, swam after him to not get left behind, and she swam like a champ.

Of course, I decided to leave my camera in the car.

My babies swam! This is so wonderful! Dog&dog have made their mother proud.

The wet dog smell on the ride home was horendous, and I forgot towels, so they got the back seat a bit soggy (they were on an old sheet, but water still seeped through), but I was way to happy to care.

I am one proud dog mama.