Why Yesterday Made Me Crabby

I get out of work and drive two miles to the train station to wait for Rob. Depending on my day, I'm only waiting 15 to 20 minutes, and this is fine because I always have podcasts to catch up on. I parked, then sent him a quick text message verifying he was on the train I was waiting for, which was due to arrive in about three minutes. He answered back "Yes".

The train came, the usual swarm of commuters got off, scattered, and it was empty again. No Rob. I whipped out my cell phone, half annoyed, half concerned.

"You're where, exactly?" I asked, knowing from the way he answered his phone, all bleary and asleep, what had happened. "Um... still on th' train. Slept through stop. I'm sorry!"

How do you answer a text message and then fall asleep so hard in three minutes that you miss your train stop?

My day had started early, and frustrating. I tried to register my minivan for the second time, and it didn't work, because of some OTHER papers I needed that I didn't have. I hate the DMV. I went around town trying to resolve the issue, and no dice. Now I'm pulling my files apart looking for what I need, meanwhile, all my papers got shuffled around when we rearranged our offices. Argh!

In the middle of this, I decided I hate my wedding dress. It just doesn't "feel right"... I don't know. Maybe I need to try it on again with better underwear. I had a minor breakdown, but I feel better now.

Breathe in... breathe out...