The Mixer and The Afekomen

Oh happy joyness! Oh joyness happy! Oh happy happy!

I shouldn't look, but I can't resist (and you wouldn't either!) peeking to see what all has shuffled off my gift registry, and happy joyness joyful happy... someone bought me a stand mixer! Not a stand mixer, THE stand mixer, in "Majestic Yellow", to contrast nicely with the orange I already have. I'M MAKING COOKIES! (as soon as Passover is over, of course).

We had a nice Sedar, but no one seems to take it seriously, which is a pain. I'd like to be able to follow along, and I like the reading. Rob's friend and his fiance came, too, which was cool. You're supposed to invite people to come share with you. After dinner everyone was stuffed, and we were flopped on the couch when Rob's dad announced it was time to find the afekomen. The afekomen is a piece of matzo wrapped in a cloth and hidden by the dad somewhere for the "kids" to find (in Rob's family, "kid" means under the age of 40). Whoever finds it gets a prize, traditionally a bag of chocolates. I opted not to participate, and Rob's friend's fiance decided to sit out too.

"Trust me," I told her, "you really don't want to sit this one out."


"The prize is a c-note."

"I think I'll play!" she said, and hopped up.

I forgot that "c-notes" are actually handed out to ALL the participants of afekomen seeking, not just the winner (who was cousin Robin for about the millionth year in a row). Rob's dad lost $1100 in the enthusiastic search! I feel awkward taking that much money in something like that, but it seems to not be a big deal. Maybe next year. I did bring home some gefilte fish, though!