Lotsa Matzo

Happy Passover! As soon as the sun goes down tonight, it's 8 days of no bread for us!

It's an amazing diet; it eliminates bread, cookies, cake, brownies or any baked product made with rising flour. That's a good diet method any time of year, but on Passover, it's the religious aspect of it that keeps me sticking to it. I'm not worried about what God thinks, but I like sticking with it for the sake of Rob.

We'll have matzo instead of bread. It tastes like cardboard and binds like glue. Most people who don't keep Kosher for Passover try it and love it. It's crispy and light, and is pretty good with jam or butter, but only for a piece or two. When it's all you're eating for eight days, you get sick of it by day three. By day five you've got a strong loathing going on, and by day eight you are vowing never to eat it again (until, of course, next Passover).

Modern matzo is supposedly similar to the "manna from heaven" the Israelites got during those 40 years in the dessert. If it is, I don't blame them for bitching about it. Yes, they should have been grateful that God provided them with food, but manna for forty years?! That's hard to swallow.

Pun intended.