Fat Conquered

Thank you, Sara Blakely! Ms. Blakely's inspired invention, Spanx, has saved my ass. Literally!

I walked into the local fancy lingerie shop in town and talked to the owner of the store, who is amazing.

"I'm getting married," I cried, "and I'm chubby!"

She smiled. "People get married in all shapes and sizes, and I have something for all of them!"

She put me in carefully selected Spanx (they're being ordered in the proper color for me). I tugged them on, anticipating another not-so-miraculous result. But they fit. Kind of.

"Um... are they supposed to hurt?" I asked wincing.

"Yes!" she said. "Do you want me to come have a look?"

"Um." I was almost too embarrased to let myself look in the mirror let alone submit myself to inspection by a stranger, but I needed to know if it fit.

"Sure. But no laughing!"

She chuckled as she stuck her head in my dressing room.

"Honey, don't worry, I've seen it all." she said.

She tugged it a few times and declared it a good fit. I DID look smaller! And once it was better in place, it didn't hurt so much. Then she fitted me for a bra.

I'm a 36F. F! As in "F-ing HUGE!" My specially ordered bra will be here in a week. It has to be "constructed". *sigh*