Slippery Soap and Glittery Guns

So, normally, I don't give a hoot about celebrities, but the latest Britney Spears incident has me tickled pink (ewww! gross pun!) It's so funny to see someone so "high and mighty" get disgraced like this. But, seriously? You have babies. Show some class.

Our heat went off this weekend; by "went off" I mean "I forgot to call an oil company". We were SOL until Monday, so we shopped a lot, and then came home and snuggled because it was so cold. And then, you know. If you're trying to make a baby, I suggest unplugging the furnace.

Saturday, my washing machine chug-chug-chuged so hard during a spin cycle that it flung the full, uncapped bottle of Tide sitting on top of it all over the basement floor, and our clothes. I had to wash every load after that (about 10 loads total; I got behind this week) twice, with an extra rinse cycle, to get it to stop suddsing. I had to buy more really expensive detergent (our front loader needs special stuff), which I was peeved about.

Jen called me about twenty seconds after I discovered my basement floor all blue, and I answered probably sounding agitated. She asked what was wrong, and offered to come help clean it up. By the time she got there, a lot of it was handled but I still had more to do.

"Do you want to just leave it and go shopping?" she asked. (She's so cool.)


So I did, and it's still all over the floor, and I don't care. (I get overwhelmed easily). It's very sticky. I have no idea how to get it all up; it's dry, but I'm afraid to put water on it. I think it will make it a bigger mess than it is now. Dunno.

Speaking of overwhelming, the wedding is still, no kidding, up in the air. I don't want to think about it. We'll have to deal with the in-laws sooner or later.

Aaaaand... speaking of crazy (haha!), people are flipping out over Urban Outfitters glittery handgun ornments. There are anti-violence groups protesting it, they had to pull it from their shelves, everyone's making a huge stink about it... and now I want one. Not because I think it's pretty, but because I want to support artistic expression. The way I see it is: there are enough issues in the world; don't fret over an artist's rendition of humor.

People have been censoring art for ages. No one's going to listen to me.