Happy Birthday Micah!

There was a small party at Jen and Micah's for his birthday, and I love my friends, so it was amazing to be around everyone and hang out. The party was split boys and girls, just like in seventh grade (they were even playing Atari)! Sarah was there, six months pregnant and with the. cutest. belly. ever.

She's still tiny, but with a round tummy, and she is very excited by her new "bountiful bosom".

We tried to get the baby to wake up and move, but he kept sleeping. They're naming the baby Thoron if it's a boy.

Nope. Not kidding.

Thor for short... the god of thunder. I say it serves them right if he pees in corners all the time; "Rain showers, mom!"

They're going to be such good parents! (Aside from sticking their kid with a moniker that will haunt him throughout his days... although I think it's a actually a cool name.)

At one point the topic of conversation turned to grossing people out, and Sarah blurted out that there is ONE word that makes me skeeve, just from hearing it spoken. Seriously, my hair nearly straightens itself when I hear someone say it. Rob tried to get them to say it, but they (being awesome) wouldn't.

I've opted to not go to Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws tomorrow, which Rob is super disappointed about. Maybe that'll change by tomorrow afternoon, but it might not. I dunno.

Anyway, happy birthday, Micah!