My Volkswagon finally arrived! We retrived it around the corner because the truck driver's huge truck with all the cars on it wouldn't fit on our street. I tried to drive it, and managed to get it fifty feet down the road before I had to switch gears, and it stalled out. Oops. I need lessons. I asked my dad, and he pointed out that the first time he tried to teach me how to drive, it was a disaster. (That's putting it mildly. We nearly killed each other.) To get it home, we had the driver drive it for us, and it rattled the entire way. SOMEthing needs to be replaced.

It's super cute though. Sitting in the backseat is like sitting in the world's smallest cozy living room. There's even a carpet. I can't wait to get it on the road. The face is really cute, too, like my parent's bug-eyed Boston Terrier, beanie. So cute! Pictures as soon as I get a new camera.