Baby Head

I have the world's cutest nephew! My older half-sister, Monica, arrived to Connecticut late last night with her husband, Shawn, and their one month old son. They live in Ohio, too far if you ask me! They call the baby Jack.

We went out to dinner with them and my dad and my other half-sister Danielle and her fiance, Ray (Mr.
Tree Trimmer
). My brother didn't come because he's a punk-ass. (My mom wasn't there because my parents split and she moved out.) The eight of us were one big cozy family. I had a great time catching up with Monica and getting drooled on by Jack, who is absolutely fantastic. He smells like a baby should, he's got cutie-pie neck wrinkles and all ten fingers and toes are there. I counted. Twice.

Now, of course, I want one; Rob says no. So I got to hear from Monica all about breast feeding and midnight diaper changes, and got all my baby kisses in. I'm excited because they're coming over for dinner while they're here! Baby-ness is excellent!