2 cents

I went through Rosh Hashanna sick, and wrapped in an afgan. I think I'm allergic to mother-in-law. Or something.

Just kidding.

Acutally, my mother-in-law is ok, but she's got a bug in her soup about us: we refuse to sleep at Rob's parents, even though this means driving home really late at night when there are big family gatherings.

The big rule, the big, epic rule of the house is that you cannot sleep together, boys and girls, unless you are married. Engaged, we figured, would cut it.


It's kind of a weird rule for them to have considering they know we live together and have for over a year. His brother was telling me, too, that they gave him and his wife (before they were married) a trip to the Bahamas for 10 days. They slept there the night before their flight, and had to sleep in separate bedrooms. Very strange.

And, you know, we totally respect that rule, but in respecting it, we choose to drive home instead of staying there, because we refuse to sleep in separate rooms and split up our nightly slumber party of three (dog on floor, not bed. He sheds and wiggles too much. But he stays within arms reach of the bed).

She was pretty upset, though, which is too bad. I don't like when folks are upset, and it's frustrating when she talks to all of the other family members about it (Everyone kind of jokingly said, "Oh, so I hear you're not staying because you can't sleep together!") but she won't discuss it with us. We'd be happy to discuss it with her.

I hate having people talk behind my back.

It seems to be a bit of a theme for me, though. Someone I've known for a while is posting things on her blog about me that she won't say to my face, and they aren't even true. It's the ugly side of inter-personal relationships and the internet.

And you thought drama was just on MySpace.

In a recent quote from Holly: My blog. My two cents, and I totally agree. Say whatever the hell you want on your blog. I love free speech! In fact, (I refuse to post a link here), I read a white supremicist blog daily.

But just because I think you're ugly doesn't make it a good idea for me to tell you to your face. I can. I have the ability, and I have the right.

"You. With the hairy mole. You're ugly!" See? I can totally do that.

It's just not a good idea, especially if you're naming names. Know what I mean?

Anyway, I'm ranting because I'm frustrated. Sorry. Wait. No I'm not. My blog. My two cents.