This Week...

This week my sister and her husband came to my house with their new baby for dinner. I was sitting on the couch with him after dinner trying to make him smile (I think he's too young, yet, though. But, he did manage to make brief eye contant, which was new for him.) He leaned forward while I had him facing me and full-on slobbered my cheek. Ear to chin, all baby drool. It was great!

My grandmother came with me to try on poofy wedding gowns. The sales woman managed to make me look great in everything. I think, though, that when you're draped in $3600 worth of satin, you better look damn good. I can't see myself in a dress that expensive, but boy oh man was I pretty. Grandma cried almost the entire time, which was really cute, and we both decided on the same one as my "dream dress".

When we get back from San Francisco, I'm taking a crew of women down to New York to try on bridesmaid dresses. As it stands, we've got: Jen, Stu, and Danielle who are my adult women bridesmaids, as well as my Aunt Jen and her two daughters who will be my two young lady bridesmaids. We also have my grandmother and my future mother-in-law who was delighted I asked her to go along. That's nine women from ages 9 to 75 roaming Manhattan with me! Rob (wisely) declined to go.

At the theater we hired someone new to add to our roster of rotating crew members. He mentioned that he owned a 1976 blue and whiteVolkswagen bus. "So do I!" I crowed, and thus we bonded. It was serendipitous that I met him because I've been searching for a mechanic that would know what to do with my vintage beast, and he knew a couple of guys who would do a great job for me. It goes in Tuesday, and then I can register it and... then I leave for San Francisco, so I have to wait until I get back to drive it. Nuts!

I'm still nervous about flying, but I'm trying not to think about it. Martha Stewart came out with a new wedding magazine (only four a year! not nearly enough!), and I'm going to get it and save it for the plane ride so I have something distracting me. Rob has a new laptop, so we can play with that, too. (It also means I can post pictures!)

That's it. I had a hell of a time logging into blogger all week, so I gave up. So it's all the news in one day, and it's almost 2 in the morning, so I'm tired. Also, the band that played tonight may or may not have had unfinished chapaigne and I may or may not have finished four glasses worth, right out of the bottle. So if I sound jumbly... that may or may not be why.