C Is For Cookie (That's Good Enough For Me)

Happy October! 11 months and counting until we get hitched, tie the knot, take the plunge, jump the broom, et cetera et cetera.

I'm excited.

Today begins a new month with better eating. I started the day on a good note: oatmeal and rasins. Then the oatmeal got me thinking: oatmeal cookies. With chocolate chips. For Rob, of course. (Never mind the fact that we're supposed to be fasting until sundown tomorrow.)

I made the dough and sampled some. Just to make sure it was good, which is was, so I had some more. And some more.

I also tried one cookie from every batch, to make sure those were good. Batch #3 was especially tasty, so I had two.

I licked the bowl. And the spoons.

So yeah, better eating.