I Renamed Myself and We're NOT Engaged

I'm at risk of being wicked pretentious. I've decided not to stop caring.

My big goal is to be famous. Not famous like Britney Spears, but so famous that EVERYONE in the fashion industry knows I'm a great makeup artist. I needed something that stood out. I decided a while a go I'd be "Amber S." if I was ever famous, but ambers.com was taken (don't go there, it's some weird African guy site... I dunno). I didn't want to go by Amber Santos and I certainly didn't want to go by Amber Lynn (my real middle name... Amber Lynn is a porn star). So. After debating for a while and talking to a marketing expert (I didn't pay her, I just happened to make friends with one... lucky me!), after writing out a bunch of things, after bouncing ideas off of Rob and looking into meanings, I've settled on Amber Sophia. My creative marketing expert suggested it. Sophia means 'wisdom' and Rob thought it was pretty. I wasn't sold, but I was tired of thinking about it, so I just went with it, and now I kind of like it.

AmberSophia.com is up and running, although it's not fully set yet because I don't have all the pictures I need.

In other news, we're house hunting. We thought we found the perfect one, so we set up the home inspection. My parents came to see it (mostly I wanted my dad there so he could look at the boring stuff that we don't really understand, like boilers and hot water heaters and other "basement-y things" that I could care less about as long as they work and I don't have to touch them). My mom came, though, to see the layout and Rob's mom came. The house inspector was on the roof when we all congregated in the front yard around the realtor, Steve, who Rob and I have gotten to know quite well at this point.

"Hey!" yelled Steve to the guy climbing around on the roof. "This is the buyer Rob and his fiancee, Amber!"

Rob and I kind of had a collective minor heart attack while his mother went "WHAT? DID SOMETHING HAPPEN I DIDN'T HEAR ABOUT?!". I gave Steve (who've we become quite chummy with at this point, he's really a great guy) a look and held up my quite naked ring finger.

"Girlfriend! GIRLFRIEND! SHE'S HIS GIRLFRIEND! Oh man, dude, sorry!" he said to Rob. I watched him turn pink.

We liked the house, even though it's on a cliff so we'd have to have really strong fencing to prevent our neighbors and visitors from tumbling to their deaths. After round 2 of negotiations, though, we walked away. That's ok. The bathroom tiles were vomit green that we couldn't stand.

I'll keep you posted. (On the house situation, not my ring finger).