Something Something URL

I'm really poor, poor as in, I've-raped-my-piggy-bank-and-still-am-poor poor, and both of the really good interviews I had last week didn't hire me, so I'm back to the first square again. The photographers I worked with aren't sending me back the prints they promised. I'm very frustrated, so I did the only proper thing to do. I've flung myself across my bed and cried and cried and cried and cried, and then I got on the phone to see if I can get my OTHER website up and running: Patrick bought it along with another website for himself at the same time, because it was cheaper that way, and then something happened with passwords and something and something, URLs, something "point the url here" something something. That is my complete understanding of the situation. I dunno. It's all completely over my head and, therefore, out of my hands. I'm dependant on Patrick and Rob to figure it out and get my website up and running... somehow. Something something.

Yaofriend: yes, send them my way!