I Moshed!

I'm so sick. I have a fever, I'm congested, and my nose is drippy. Normal people would stay home curled up with the remote, but I dragged myself to Boston last night to see In The Face play at their CD release party. Rob mixed their album and was really really really proud of it. I figured I got to go and be really really proud, too. Mixing an album might be challenging, but try dating someone who's mixing said album, in your apartment, for days and days. It's tough. I think we officially or unofficially broke up for about four hours or so because of it (at least, I flung my key down and stomred out of the door). In the end though, all was well and the album sounds great. I avoid being killed in the mosh pit, even though someone grabbed my tits. The nicest thing was the drummer (who slept on our couch for a while during the mixing) said thank you to me for dealing.


And that's all I have to say!