7 things I'll bet you don't know about Pratt:

1. his favorite beatles song should be revolution 9
2. he is the only person who knows my secret alter ego
3. you know those sexy librarians with the cleavage and glasses? he's one of those, but without the cleavage. (i think.)
4. he has a "patriotic side"
5. those rabbits of his steal his cell phone and text message me after too many carro-tinis
6. five years ago he had open heart surgery
7. his wife has a

7 things I've never done and may never do:

1. enjoyed my own musical talent
2. danced topless in a bar
3. eaten a live goldfish
4. vote republican
5. remove my own toe
6. owned a car for a year without driving it into something
7. wear "booty shorts"

7 things I didn't do this weekend:

1. laundry. the dryer was broken.
2. paint my toenails. but that's ok. i was only thinking about it.
3. exercise.
4. play chess.
5. go swimming.
6. watch the Yankees win a game.
7. clean the apartment.

7 times I have almost died or been seriously injured:

1. During my time as a Ranch Hand in Texas, I was bitten by a rattle snake. This was during a week long camping trip by myself (with just my horse). I had to suck the poision out of my own arm. I was only sick because I was scared; I managed to get the posion out in time. Later, I had grilled rattlesnake for dinner.

2. I don't believe I was ever in great danger while I had it, but when Queen Elizabeth asked me if I would please keep her tiara safe for a while during her holiday (she was having a problem with one of her guards and didn't trust him) I was nervous all the time.

3. During a diplomatic dinner at the country side castle of His Royal Majesty Juan Carlos, King of Spain (long my he live), an assisian barged in just as they were serving the duck. Practically without thinking, I lifted the skirt of my evening gown, grabbed the .22 strapped to my thigh and shot him right through the forehead. The rest of the evening was spent hearlding my bravery. I explained several times that I didn't feel very brave, and that I was just trying to protect my friend, His Royal Majesty Juan Carlos, King of Spain (long may he live), and it was really nothing. They insisited on celebrating me, however, and my birthday is now a national holiday in Spain.

4. On my last trip to Europe I thought it would be nice to take a hot air balloon ride over the hills of Ireland. No one noticed until we were several hundred feet in the air that one of the cables holding the basket to the balloon was fraying. Bravely, I stood on the edge of the basket and managed to hold the two ends of the comprimised cable with my bare hands while the operator made an emergency landing.

5. Last winter I was driving across a bridge on ice. It was slippery and I was going too fast. My car spun out of control and went over the edge. I had to ride my car to the bottom of the river and then open up the door. Waiting for the water to FILL THE CAR so I could open the door all the way was horrible. I took measured, deep breaths while I still had air, and then pushed open the door and swam into the icy darkness. The water was so cold it nearly knocked me out, and my hair was down and floated into my face, making me blind. I pushed it away and was able to swim to the surface where some passersby saw me and were able to lift me out.

6. On Safari in Africa I contracted Malaria. My fever of 104 lasted for three days, and I hallucinated for most of it. On the fourth day my fever broke and I started to recover, but I still have slight nerve damage.

7. When I was in the CIA, I was working a drug bust that went bad. Midway through my mock purchase, the dealer I was scoring from noticed my wire sticking out from my collar a little bit. He freaked and pulled a gun on me. Thankfully SWAT was there to back me up; I'd have been dead otherwise.