Two Showers Today

I woke up at 4:10 this morning, and my first thought was "If I break my leg, I won't have to work." My second thought was, "Ok, what can I use to break my leg?"

It was a long day.

When I finally got home, I walked Mattie and then just flopped on the couch watching DVRed episodes of CSI. (I think I watch too much CSI... I went to the dumpster this morning and realized I was anticipated finding a body). Around 5 I decided to take a real nap. I woke up at quater to ten, thus effectively wasteing my entire day. Rob is away for the weekend, so the dog had no one else to play with. He was gracious enough to entertain himself with the few dozen tennis balls laying around the apartment, and I took him for an extra long late night walk to make up for not loving on him all day.

A pipe broke at work, so there was water squirting all over the backroom. I was the taller of the two people working, so I had to reach up UNDER THE WATER and turn off the valve making me one soggy barista. Then I had this conversation three hundred and seventeen times in the space of an hour an a half.

"The sign says you have no coffee."
"Yeah, a pipe broke."
"So you don't have any coffee at all?" (This is usually followed with a suspicios look over my shoulder at the coffee brewers)
"Really. Ok. I guess."

One guy asked me where the nearest Dunkin Donuts was.

I have an interview Monday.