Brain Dead Baby

I found my soapbox. I don't get to use it that much, but here we go.

*climbs up*

Ready? Listen up.

There is no baby with brain cancer.

Know how I know? told me so. Even if they didn't, a basic understanding of the way email and the internet works would have. So check your facts before you start sending me stupid emails telling me AOL is going to donate five cents to every email address that receives this email.

I know, I know. This is an old rant. Every idiot with a blog has probably written this at one point or another (and probably back in 2003, too), but I just got this email today, and I can't believe people are still sending them. Usually, I'm good at letting people wallow in their own rampant stupidity. You're not going to eliminate such an abundant element from existence (Leila just made an excellent case for that in her blog), so why frustrate yourself? However, I just couldn't help it. The following is a copy of the email I sent to every single person that received the "brain cancer baby" email. I'm eager to hear the response.

Dear people, has been online for several years. It is a
website dedicated to dispelling the rumors that
thoughtless, heartless people have been passing around
via email (as well as other urban legends) for nearly
as long as there has BEEN email. They think it's
funny to make people feel bad for "the little baby
with brain cancer".

Here is the web address for the story that
proves this email is false: Article

Anytime you get a message like this, IT IS FALSE.
There is no baby. Also, there is NO WAY that AOL or
anyone else can track an email and where it goes.
Email doesn't work that way.

Please stop forwarding things like this. It's JUNK
email, and it's not true. It only encourages the
loosers who make this stuff up to make more worthless

If you want to really help people (and you must be
kind hearted to let this email get so extensive), go
to the American Red Cross's donation page and help the
victims of this weeks disaster. (I have provided the
link at the bottom of this email). It's a better way
to help people.

Amber Santos

American Red Cross Donation Page

p.s. I never advocate sending forwards, but this isn't
a bad thing to "pass on".