Arg! I hope you lubbering land lovers enjoyed yerselves! Next to Groundhog Day, September 19th, a.k.a. International Talk Like a Pirate Day, is my favorite stupid holiday to celebrate. And celebrate I did! At work, people would order their drinks, and I would "call them" (which means call to my fellow baristas what to make) in my best pirate voice: "Carrrrrrrrmel Latte, matey!" or "Give me a tall coffee or I'll have ye walk the plank!" It was fun! Only one other customer had heard of the holiday, and thought it was cool that I had, too.

Driving home I called a ton of people to say "Ahoy!" The first person I called was Phil.

Phil: "Yeah?" (Dude, you can't say hello like the rest of us?)
Me: Rats. I was hoping to get your answering machine. I wanted to say Arg!
Phil: If you want you can call back and I won't pick up.

I called Patrick next and left him a pirate voice message. He called and left me one hours later that said, "Hey, Amber, was that you talking in a pirate voice that left that message? If so, how the hell did you get your voice to do that? It was the weirdest phone message I've ever gotten!"

My most fun call was Pratt.
"Arrrrg! Ahoy Pratt! It's Amber, and I'm callin' ye to wish ye a happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!"
"ARRRRG! AHOY THERE AMBER!" We had a wonderful pirate conversation.

I left Emily a pirate message and got back a text message, "Ahoy!"

I left Stu a message, and I hope it made her happy.

I called my brother. He's not a stoner, but he sure as hell acts like one. He's all like "Wha...? Huh...? Oh, the house is burning we have pizza?" Come to think of it, I was similar when I was 17. So yeah, that's my little bro. He's adorable, just totally out of it most of the time. Anyway, I call him, and say:
"ARG! Ya didn' hear? It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Gus! Didn' you know, lad??!!"
"Um. No."
"Try it!"
"Um. Ok. Arg."
"No no no. More enthusiasm! Like this: ARRRRRRRGH!"
"Yeah. I don't think so. But you sound like you're having fun."

My brother is too cool, and thinks I'm weird. So does my boyfriend, but apparently, he still loves me as currently, he is curled around my back singing, "I love my girlfriend!" in what he's calling a "hug attack".

"Aren't you going to mention you're getting hug attacked?" he asked when he saw me blogging (between singing).
"No." I said, but then I did.

And that was my day.

I'm opening Starbucks four days in a row this week, Monday through Thursday, and as you can see, I've already started to loose my feeble mind.