My Morning Was "teh suck"

Last night I forgot to set my alarm, so I woke up this morning six minutes after I was supposed to be on the road. I rolled out of bed mentally swearing. Groping my way to the bathroom, I stubbed my toe, and hopped across the room the rest of the way. I shut the door, turned on the light, and blinded myself. In my mole-like state (and making my squinty "mole face"), I almost missed the john.

Rushing around getting ready, I tried to brush too fast and stabbed myself in the back of the throat with my toothbrush. Then, I tried to put makeup on and stabbed myself in the eye with my mascara wand. Frustrated, I threw my makeup bag in my purse so I could finish at work. I left the bathroom and made my way to the living room.

Normally, I lay out my clothes on the couch the night before so that when I'm getting ready, I can just grab everything blindly in the dark (at 4:30 am), put it on, and not have to worry about poking around in my dresser, waking Rob up by flicking on the light, or thinking in anything other than the most simplistic thoughts: "Right leg, left leg, button. Head, arm, arm. Sock, sock, shoe and shoe. Dressed. Good."

This morning everything was there except my bra. I forgot it last night, so I had to blindly make my way into the bedroom again. Somewhere in the "semi-clean clothes" pile (a.k.a. "the floor") I found one, and smelled it. Ok, I know, weird, but I can explain. The cotton shirt and pants I wear to work pick up the smell of espresso pretty well, but after half an hour of being out of the cafe, the smell is more or less gone. My bras however, which are made out of nylon, manage to keep the smell until they're washed. I therefore keep one or two bras every week that I only wear to work and change out of at the end of my shift.

I found one that smelled like coffee and put it on, and then threw my shirt over it. The dog got happy to see me back in the room, and Rob woke up.

"I'm late for work!" I whispered at him.
"Yeah." he said, rolled over, and fell back to sleep. Bastard.

When I (finally) got to my car, I discovered that I had left both windows and the moon roof open. It had rained. Fuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccck!

I dug around in my backseat for a sweatshirt to sit on, and found the one I JUST washed, which was now going to smell like moldy rainwater. When I got to work, my bottom was still soggy.

Tomorrow, I'm sleeping until noon.