203.526.1738 is Unavailable at the Moment...

I can't find my cell phone. If you've tried to call me in the past twenty-four hours, and thought I was ignoring you, I'm not.

This sucks in general, but it especially sucks since I'm waiting for a call back from a very promising interview I went on earlier this week. I tore apart the backroom at work looking for it, and my manager walked in.

"What the FUCK are you doing?", he asked and when I told him, he helped me tear it apart. I found: a sweatshirt I had lost a month and a half ago, someone's loooooong forgotten moldy sandwich (it was beginning to become self-aware), lotsa dust bunnies, and a bunch of paperclips and trash that had lurked in corners for months. No phone, though. I came home and tore the apartment apart.

I found: lotsa dog hair, 17 tennis balls, $.63 in change, an unwashed sock that looked like it had missed about a month and a half's worth of laundry-doing, a CRUST OF BREAD (Rob...ewwww!) a plastic figurine that belongs to Rob that's some sort of "Stupid Rat Bone" comic book thing (I dunno...I shoved it back into the couch cushions...it's wicked creepy), a small headphone connector, one of my cancelled checks, and not only dust bunnies, but dust buffalo as well. Still no phone.

I'm in the process of trying to get a new one, and I'm elligible for a $150 rebate if I wait until October 1 to get one. I called Sprint to ask if they can bump up my rebate eligibility a couple of weeks. After being transferred to different departments SIX TIMES (and repeating the same story six times) I got some Indian woman who barely spoke English. After she put me on hold FOUR TIMES, she offered me a free phone, saying I was "selected at random" by the computer to receive one. It wasn't the phone I wanted, though, and for the love! all I wanted was the $150 off. They "couldn't do that". Unbelievable.

Ok, more interesting story (and sorry I'm so random; it's hot, I'm tired, and I had six shots of espresso before noon, so I'm jittery): A guy came up to me today while the store was completely empty. He saw that the coffee of the day was French Roast.

"Eh." he said, and he wrinkled his nose.
"You don't like French Roast?" I asked.
"Not really. I don't like the mild coffee either."
"Want me to make you a French Press of anything you'd like?"
"You can do that?"
"Sure!" I told him.

A French Press makes aprox 20 oz. of any coffee (enough for a serving). It's a fussy process, and it only makes one cup of coffee. Most baristas don't like to do them, because they take so long, but if a customer asks, we "Just Say Yes" (the company motto). Generally, however, we don't advertise that we do this, but it's considered "Legendary Service" (another Starbucks saying that means super-excellent customer service) to French Press a coffee for someone, and explain to them what makes that particular coffee so special. So I did one, and the guy was grateful (and tipped well, too!)

"Ugh! Why did you do that?" asked another barista.
My manager turned to him and said, "She did the right thing."

"Ha!" I crowed. "I did it because it's goddamn legendary service, BITCH!"

My manager slapped me five. And I am a Starbucks Whore.