An Update

It was concluded that it is my responsibility to fill my vacant bedroom with another tenant. I am searching using Craigslist, and have gotten a few good responses. Hopefully it will be filled soon, and I'll be free and clear by the end of the month! In fact, I have someone to show it to tonight, so I called my dad to ask him to go with me. He said he would. "Ask me if I want dinner, ask me if I want dinner..." I mentally willed him. (Rob's working late, so I'm on my own for food).

"Do you want to come for supper?"

"Oh, yeah, sure!" I said (perhaps over enthusiastically).

I'm still blissfully living in sin (or sinfully living in bliss, whatever my grandmother called it...). It takes getting used to, but mostly, we're peaceful cohabitators. I sleep better when I'm not alone.

It's REALLY good to have a dog around. I get to go on daily dog walks, I'm admired in the way only a dog can admire a person, and it's fun to be one of the "masters" passing out the all important rawhide bones.

Starbucks is wearing me out. Not so much the job as the commute that usually begins at 4:45 in the morning. (But trust me, it's the job, too). I don't know how to say this without sounding scary, and as a matter of fact, it IS scary: when I get home, and sit, a voice in my head starts screaming, and it doesn't stop. I cried yesterday for hours. Lately, this is not unusual.

I'm also crabbier than I'd like to be, I'm losing touch with people who are dear friends because I don't have the energy to hang out with anyone, even on the weekends, and my body hurts from long hours and lack of decent sleep. I need to change something quickly, and I'm working on it.