Searching for Kitchenware

I decided this house needs drinking glasses. Made out of GLASS, not plastic. I also decided that I needed a baking dish; the conversation went something like this:

Me: Don't you have a regular baking dish?

Rob: I use the disposable ones, see? [holds up flimsy, disposable, basically glorified tin foil, completely non-Emeril approved baking dishes... pack of 3]

Me: Yeah, so no REAL baking dish?

Rob: These work just fine.

Me: *sigh* I'm getting a baking dish.

So we treck to IKEA, about 25 minutes away, and go straight to kitchenware for glasses first. I found ones that I like. They were too small for him ("They should be able to hold two beers at least!" said the one of us functioning on "guy logic"). We found other ones, but nothing that really thrilled us both.

And really, shouldn't glasses thrill you? I think so.

On to bakeware. I didn't find the glass baking dish I wanted, and although there were metal ones, I wanted a glass 8x8" pan. There really is no other way to make brownies.

Our trip wasn't a total bust, though. I bought a chocolate bar. Yes, we went all the way to IKEA, and I came out with a single chocolate bar, which, he'll be quick to point out, I made him pay for. (I felt stupid enough as it was waiting in line at IKEA for a chocolate bar. I wasn't about to pay for it with my debit card, too.)

It was really good. The glass search shall continue.