I Moved, Yet Again

It's a mess, I tell you. A mess.

I get back to my apt. on July 30th and see a note on the fridge; the electricity is going to be shut off because the UI bill is in my roommate's name, and he owes them hundreds of dollars from his old apt. that he never paid.

"WHAT?!" I said out loud to the note, and immediately sought out this dude. He wasn't home, but my girl roommate was, so I showed her. We both kind of freaked out, and both of us ended up making the same decision: We were leaving at the end of the month. We each typed up independent letters and left them on the kitchen table. I skeedaddled, and so did she. There were other issues, to be sure, but I was dealing with them. Threats to turn the lights out, however, I take seriously. I've never even SEEN a threat to shut the lights off!

Eventually, I'll probably find an apartment with her, but right now I'm staying with Rob, and I'm keeping all of my big stuff at my Grandmother's. I won't say where Hannah has ended up, because I don't want her to be findable if she doesn't want to be. Suffice it to say, she's safe, and is going to be very very happy in her new living situation, and it's thanks to me.

As for the dude that I was living with? He's freaking out, because he doesn't have the first/last/security payment I made any more. He and I had a month to month agreement, but he doesn't have the last month's rent (In my case, August) that I paid up front, which he should have. The type of agreement we had is in dispute, but he has not been able to produce a copy of the the agreement we signed. I have a feeling he's not the most organized, on the ball kind of person.

I'm glad to be out of the situation, and am currently looking for another job. Wish me luck!