How I Woke Up This Morning

I came face to face with an alien from outerspace this morning!

Last night I slept at my parent's house because they are away (Mom's turning 50 on Monday, and I think that the only way she can deal is in a tequilla-induced haze on a sandy beach in Mexico). I went to the backyard and set up a tent, and went to sleep. I was awakened at dawn by a loud noise, like a lawn mower, so I woke up and poked my head out of the tent to investigate. A spaceship had landed in the backyard near my tent, and little green aliens were walking around. One saw me, and marched over. I wasn't afriad of him, and was curious to see what he wanted. He didn't speak, but he did greet me by placing his wet nose on mine. He made the lawn mower noise I had heard before, and I got slobbered on.

I woke up with drool on my face (that wasn't mine). I wasn't in the backyard anymore, but I WAS still nose to nose, eyeball to eyeball with the alien. The dog (who was an alien just moments before) snorted again, and I screamed and fell out of bed. The dog barked, competely startled, and jumped off of the bed and onto the floor, presumably to see if I was alright and if, perhaps, I wanted to start a game of some sort, because it must have looked like I did to him. I didn't.

I swear he laughed at me, but really, can you get mad at a face like this? I think not.