My week in nut shells:

Nutshell 1 I went to pick up some of my things from the apartment on Monday. I was told there was a wild party that had happened that weekend. My beer was all drank (drunk? drunked? dranken?), and there were makeup stains on my sheets and earrings by my bed. Gross. It was the closest I've ever come to a hissy fit. Drive my car, wear my clothes, hell, even borrow my underwear (just wash it after, ok?) but DO NOT TOUCH MY BED.

Nutshell 2
I found someone to move into my room, so I'm outta the lease, and Rob is officially stuck with me for the time being. Her name is Melissa. She seemed cool, but my old roommate says that her boyfriend is there all the time, they have a huge dog, and she'd seen her naked within 48 hours of her moving. Some people are just more open, I guess.

Nutshell 3 My other old roommate, Keith, has finally gotten around to asking me for money for the gas and electric bills for the three months I was there. His "asking" was telling me how much I owe. When I asked to see the bills for myself, he emailed me saying it would be "a huge pain in the ass to have to order up copies of these bills" and to "please just pay" them, because he wants this "fucking debacle to end, NOW". Oh, ok! Here's the money for bills I've never seen! Yeah. Right.

Nutshell 4 I vacuumed up half a pound of dog hair from the living room floor. There's still more.

Nutshell 5 We went the Yankees game Saturday afternoon. If Matt Lawson ends up becoming one of the greatest Yankees of all time, I want it on record that I got to see his very first at-bat in pinstripes. Throughout the game Rob and I were both sniffing a lot, allergies I think, and after a rather long and disheartening 8 innings (we were trailing 4-7) we left after the eighth. Sitting in the parking garage we flicked on the radio to listen to the end of the game.

You wouldn't believe what happened.

At the bottom of the ninth they scored 5 runs and won the game. John Steirling nearly killed himself with his traditional game winning announcement "THE YANKEES WIN! THHHHHEEEEEEEEE YANKEES WIN!!!" He went on.

"NEVER IN 17 YEARS HAVE I SEEN A NINTH INNING RALLY LIKE THAT! People will be talking about this for YEARS TO COME!"

Lesson learned. It ain't over till it's over, and that's what we get for bailing on the team early (I have very strong feelings about staying to the end: it's bad for morale to leave early. Not that the Yankees really need my morale, they get huge paychecks that I'm sure do plenty for them, but still. I think leaving early is bad sportsmanship on the part of the fans. Anyway.)

Nutshell 6 We went to Rob's best friend's beach house for dinner, and afterwards, we snuck onto the beach. Usually I look across the water when I'm at the beach to see Long Island, but since I was ALREADY THERE (and on the south side) I couldn't see anything but miles of the Atlantic. The air was amazing and the water was so beautiful it moved me to tears. Really.

Nutshell 7 My mother's in the hospital. I'm off to see her. She's not dying, and this is good, but she is very sick. I'm not sure what's up.