My Baby's All Grown Up and Saving China!

Sarah Hendrie is getting married.

When we were in fourth grade, Sarah would say "I can't wait until I get married! I'm going to have the biggest, pouffiest wedding gown ever!"

Her 16th birthday party dissolved into pouring over an entire stack of bridal magazines, which she bought simply because she loved "all the gorgeous pretty dresses". Single-handedly, she sucked us all in, and we drooled over all the lacy pages, made ourselves high with perfume-sample sniffing, and argued passionately over style, cut, color, texture, fabric, and train length... and a thousand other details. Everyone had "the perfect dress" in mind. (I never really got this as bad as some of the other girls, and I still don't. Don't expect any bells and whistles when I tie the knot; I feel victorious when I get clean socks on in the morning. I so failed at being a hot girl. But anyway...)

She's glowing. And I'm excited, because this is the wedding I've been waiting for since fourth grade! I am planning on being the host of the "let Sarah show off her ring" party, and if you know Sarah, you know that she will be more than thrilled to do so! As it is, she's developed a way of walking around with her left hand permanently extended. (She came in this morning for coffee).

Jen and Micah bought a house, and promptly gutted most of it (from what I can tell). It's cute, and the option to go to a second floor (with the arrival of several kiddos...!!!) is there. The backyard is huge, and I see lots of barbecues in the future! They even have a big tree!

I have friends that are married, getting married, and owning homes. This does not seem possible.

Me myself, I'm very happy plugging along; I'm pulling together business plans, and they're coming along nicely. It's exhausting, and I have minor freak outs (and major ones...) but I really feel good about this! Wish me luck!

Oh, and for the love of God, will SOMEONE please have a baby now?