While I'm ringing up customers and counting change, my manager will, very often, walk by me and stage whisper "Faster, faster!" into my ear in an attempt to rush me (usually with hand motions...HAND MOTIONS!). This is almost always when there is NO line of people waiting to order, and it bothers me. Not only does it distract me from carefully counting my change, but it is very disrespectful (not to mention completely unnecessary).

He's done other rude things to me, too (like ordering me to do something instead of asking), but I can dismiss his rudeness as being "the way he is", not maliciously rude. (Sort of like when Byron makes fun of me). He's the type of person that has authority, and then attempts to gain respect on that title of authority alone, instead of earning it (people make fun of him behind his back, and I don't think anyone respects him; for the record I think he's a technically good manager, but hasn't grasped the managing people part yet).

I'm not sure how to handle people like this. So far I've dealt with it by giving him The Look of Death, and when he barked an order at me yesterday, I very pointedly told him "you can ask me politely!" I don't know if I should say anything to him (about being rude to me specifically, not how he needs to earn people's respect instead of expecting it automatically because of his job description. That's one life lesson everyone needs to find out on their own). Any ideas, folks?