Foxy Lady

It was pouring rain yesterday when Stu and I began our quest. We took our time to get to the store; we stoped by Starbucks because I had forgotten what time I went to work today (noon getting up at 4:45 am! YES!) We went to the mall and got pretzles. We people watched while we ate them. Finally, we got to the beauty supply store. We took our time picking out the "Perfect Shade of Not Too Coppery Red" for her and came back to my house. I immediately put my pj pants on, because the bottoms of my regular pants are soaked. Being 5'4 in the rain sucks when you don't hem your pants.

I'm opening all the packages and Stu picks up the tube and goes "does this say 'Very Light Blonde'?"

It did. We almost dyed her blonde.

"Want to go back to the mall, Ber?" she asked. She smiled a Stusan smile at me.



I had to put a second pair of pants back on, and we went back to the mall.

After switching out the hair dye for something that wouldn't make her look like RuPaul (remember we got back. Again, I immeditely put on my pj pants. I really should get taller shoes.

I pulled out all the tubes again. We seemed to be missing something. I read the directions; we needed another tube of something to mix the first tube with (hair dying is like playing with a chemistry set). This mystery tube was sold separately.

She just went to CVS and got hair color (which is what we should have done in the first place!) Lesson learned.

It was fun! With all signs pointing to "don't dye her hair", I was a little worried about it, but it ended up turning out nice. I had never dyed anyone's hair before, but I managed to keep it out of her eyes and didn't do any major damage. She's a foxy redhead, too!