How to Make Life Decisions, According to Amber Santos

Phone rings.

Me: Hello?

Stu: Hi! I need your help.

M: What's up?

S: I need to make a decision. The job I really want was just offered to me, and I want it. I'm going to take it. But I told them I needed the weekend to think about it. My question is, should I call the interview I have on Tuesday and cancel it, or should I wait and go on the interview?

M: Do you WANT the job on Tuesday?

S: Not really.

M: Grab a coin.

S: You want me to trust major life decisions based on a coin?

M: Yes! Flip it, smack your hand over it, and don't peek.

S: I dropped it.

M: Then STEP on it!

S: Ok.

M: What do you hope it says? Heads is you go on the interview on Tuesday, tails you don't.

S: I want it to say I don't have to go to the interview on Tuesday, but...

M: Then don't. And it doesn't matter what the coin says. You don't want to go. You know. You know! Take the job you want! They offered it!

S: But I told them I'd think about it for the weekend. Won't it look weird to call them right back?

M: NO! They'll be thrilled to know on Friday afternoon; they won't have to worry all weekend, YOU won't have to worry all weekend, and you can enjoy Memorial Day! Call now and call me back!

I'm waiting to hear from her now...

**UPDATE** She cancelled her second interview and is accepting the good job, which is paying her more than she thought they would. Go Stu!