Helena Says, and so it is Done

I work with this Portuguese cutie named Helena; big brown eyes, long brown hair, cute smile and sweet demeanor. I introduced her to Byron and WHOO BOY! guess who fell head over heals in love? She came over here Friday night, and Saturday morning, I worked with her. She mentioned that there were certain things around the house that would make it homey (it came up in conversation), things like switchplate covers... lights on the ceiling instead of gaping holes with wires poking through...clutter not being everywhere. Projects tend not to get finished around here. Anyway, Sunday, guess who went on a major home improvement kick? There is now a ceiling fan in the living room, and I don't have to fear electrocution when I get up for a midnight snack and flick on the light. There's a light covering the hole over my desk, and, believe it or not, a BRAND NEW STEAM CLEANER FOR THE CARPET.

Tomorrow, I'm saying "Helena says you need to clean out the garage."