What's New, Pussycat?

Someone complained that I wasn't blogging enough.

My life just isn't interesting, but that's never an excuse for a blogger.

I'm lazy. There's my excuse.

I could tell about my new job!


a) I already shook hands with Patrick and said that I was going to go back to school in the fall,

b) Dental assisting was turning into more of a career than I ever wanted it to be,

c) Dentists are fucking crazy, and

d) I needed to work someplace that'll give me health benefits,

I'm working at Starbucks.

[sidenote: One of the words I hate seeing in blog posts is "health benefits". It means the blogger is so boring she had to stoop so low for material that she brings up health benefits. Don't worry, I won't talk anymore about them. Anyhow, it's better than the other "I'm bored but I want to blog" entry: "What I had for breakfast". You bloggers know what I'm saying.]

Everyone there seems really nice. I didn't mention my interviews before, because I knew I'd feel like a huge loser if I interviewed with Starbucks and they didn't hire me. I was all prepped for rejection, too, but I needn't have worried. Monday is my first day, and then Tuesday I'm going to have a four hour class on "Starbucks Culture and Service".

"There's a culture?" I asked the manager.

"Oh yeah!" he said, and his over-zealous enthusiasm worried me.

Working corporate is going to be an experience, I can tell.

I could also tell you I have the worst allergies ever, but that's really boring. If you see me around, though, ask me to sing a song for you with my nose. I've almost got "Jingle Bells" down.

I started to use the steam cleaner today thinking it might help with the constant sneezing. What's cool about it is you can see the dirty water getting sucked up into the holding container; it makes you feel like you're actually doing something productive.

In this case, we can say "uber-productive". One 2'x5' section of carpet yielded enough gross, black dirt to plant a garden. I'm afraid to even speculate what happened on this carpet.

(Everyone shut up.)