It's Not Really Part 2

I was going to post a part 2, because I had to run to dinner, but yeah, I guess that's just about it.

I'm excited, yes, and I don't usually get excited over new jobs. They're very organized at this office, which is nice because it cuts down on office drama. There won't be issues over who's job is what. Dentistry is mostly women (female hygenists, assistants, receptionists, etc.) so it can get bitchy. Except for me, of course.

The only thing I'm really worried about is that I told the doctor I knew how to do something that I only know how to do in theory. (It sounded good in the interview, and I can probably figure it out. I hope.)

I start tomorrow just to work a day, fill out paperwork, get to know everyone, etc, and then I'm off to Ohio for the weekend with Byron. We're going to the bris of his new nephew, which means yes, I'll be holding a new baby this weekend. I'm very excited, and, apparently, Byron's parents are looking forward to meeting me. He asked me to consider acting like his girlfriend so they'd be happy, and know that he isn't gay (his dad informed me that he had his doubts). I still think his father hasn't grasped that we AREN'T DATING. Whenever he calls, he wants to talk to me to make sure Byron is really alright, and hint that his son is quite the catch. If I caught Byron, I'd throw him back.

His cousin Rachel is coming, too, so the ladies will be in the majority on our road trip. Which means, my dear Byron:

Lots of bathroom breaks
Singing in the car (I know you hate it, but deal)
Not one, but two iPods filled with girl music
Healthful snacks in the cooler
You will have no one to change any tires
You will have to deal with girl silliness alllll the way there and alllll the way back
You will love it