The Little Leap of Faith that Worked Out, Part 1

I was supposed to start my new job with the endodontist today, and I didn't. I got a phone call yesterday morning from an office manager saying she loved my resume, so did the doctor, and would I please come in for an interview. I told her I already took the job, but I was feeling funny about it (I was) and I would just come in and we would talk.

I had interviewed with this place before, (it's called Lighthouse) almost a year ago, but I didn't point out as much. I didn't impress the doctor before, but I guess I did yesterday, because he offered me the position. I told him I'd think about it, and it took me approximately three minutes (and a call to mom) to decide I did, in fact, want the job. I called Mr. Endodontist and left a message (the office was closed for the day) saying thank you, but I was going to take another job. I was worried about this move; with my current luck, the Lighthouse would have hired someone else by morning!

It was a bit of a leap of faith, but nothing ventured, nothing gained!

I got the job; they pay more, they offer me benefits!, and it's a bigger practice, so there's more people to talk to, which is really nice.

Dinner time... I'll tell you all about it later!