I'm Unemployed, but My Mom is Cool

So remember when I said I had a job?

I don't.


We have:
Dr A - he hired me first, the job wasn't that great, but I took it. I was supposed to start Tuesday.

Dr S - he offered me a postion Monday evening, and it was far superior to the first position I was offered. I accepted.

Dr S called yesterday and said, in a nutshell: He spoke to Dr. A. He said Dr. A told him I never spoke to him, I had just left a message saying I wasn't coming in (which is true). He felt this was shady. (He didn't actually use the word shady, but the sentiment was there).

My argument was that I didn't want to go in and start working for Dr. A when I knew for sure I didn't want to say with him. If I did go begin working for him, I'd have Dr. A PAY me to work there for a day, and THEN leave him to go work someone else. (I mean, obviously it would have been much more to my advantage to go in and work when I said I was going to start, and get the $).

He told me he couldn't hire me on "principle".

What kills me is, I actually took the time to think: What is the best thing to do in this situation that's fair and to my best advantage? Then I did it. I pointed this out to him, and he told me I made an error in judgment. I said the only thing I could think of, which was "But my MOM said it was the right thing to do!" (For the record, I still think me and mom are right).

That doesn't really hold as much water when you're 23, and I felt more grown up than I wanted to be at that moment.

So I hung up with him and called Mom, didn't get her, called her again, lost service because I was driving through a cell hole, got service back, called her again, didn't get her, and so I called Phil, who offered the proper amount of: "Man that sucks!" and "Are you ok?" and "What a jerk!". Thanks Phil.

When I did get ahold of my mother, she called him a stupid motherfucking asshole.

My mom rocks.