It's 5:30 in the Morning

it's 5:30 in the morning and i can't sleep. i haven't gone to bed YET. i'm blaming this on my sinus. see, have one sinus, just one, and it hurts. it's all stuffy and clogged, right over my right eyebrow. it's been unhappy since thursday, and today it was especially unhappy. so i went to take sudafed to make it feel better, but i ended up taking benedryl instead. big mistake. see, i was trying to clean my room because it's in an uproar, and since the rest of my life is in an uproar, too, i figured i'd straighten out the only thing i feel like i can control. (my hair is generally an uproar, too, but there's rarely anything i can do about that. so.) so i take a break from cleaning, and sit to watch the peoples court because judge marilyn milian kicks ass. at five it was over and i stood up to clean some more and i went "woah!" and had to sit back down. i was exhausted, and it was because i took the damn benedryl that makes me sleepy instead of the sudafed that makes me "wired". i thought to myself "oh my god... i'm going to be a horrible mother switching my kids medications and what not!" so i had to take a nap, and i was really super comfortable, so i slept for a long time. then i went to the cafe with serge and had tea with "less caffeine" but still with caffeine and then jen and emily came by which was fun and then emily and i went out drinking with some of her friends and then we went back to her house, and i was going to crash there but then i couldn't sleep so i got up and ended up driving home at, like 4:30 and some asshat in a huge truck almost ran me off the road. emily left her car here, so i have to go get her around 11:30 so she can get to class by 1 but i'll probably be really tired because, you know, it's 5:30 in the morning.