Happy Old Lady

There was an old woman who came into my office this morning, and when she finally made it to the dental chair and sat herself down, she apologized for taking so long. I waved my hand and said "No problem!"

She looked grateful that I didn't mind she took so long (and hadn't rushed her), and told me how hard it is getting old. "You have fun now while you're young and you can!" she admonished me. I guess I grinned a little too big for her, because she pointed her gnarled finger at me, "But not TOO much fun, young lady!" and she laughed.

She had a broken bottom tooth, and even though she was old and slow and mostly house bound, she was ashamed that her smile was sub-par. Dr. M. and I fixed it up, and when she saw it in the mirror, she burst into happy tears. So did I, and then so did Dr. M.

This was the highlight of my day.