How Amber Writes a Novel

Write a bit. Draw bitty pictures on side of notebook. Examine cuticles. Call friend. Write some more. Cross everything out. Crumple paper up, begin again on fresh sheet. Chew pencil. Play with little hole in sock, making it bigger. Write one sentence. Change the verb. Cross out entire sentence. Go to kitchen to look for food. Give up. Pick up and drop pencil. Poke at hole in sock, making it bigger. Write another sentence. Freeze. Realize you've been daydreaming for ten minutes. Cross out sentence. Write paragraph. Crumple up paper, throw it across room, no where near the first one. Get up and check email. Look for music to download. Download a song. Put on iPod. Pick up notebook. Write four lines. Poke at hole in sock, then rip it. Wiggle toes, now visible. Draw happy face on largest one. Write one sentence. Draw happy faces on all the other toes. Wander into kitchen again, hoping for miraculous appearance of edibles. Give up. Pick up notebook. Drop notebook. Say "Fuck this." Watch TV.