Happy Music

I love my musical world right now. I bought a FireWire card for my PC, so my iPod can hook into it. Then I downloaded iTunes and put all my MP3's on in it. I am currently working on putting all of my CD's onto my computer's hard drive via iTunes, and putting the whole lot of it onto my iPod. VERY exciting. Plus, I gave my iPod to Robert and he put a LOT of music on there for me, so I'm a happy lady. I really hate the music being put out there right now (pop), so this is my excellent alternative. I also met a friend online who has excellent taste in various music and is introducing me to bands I've never heard of.

Last night I threw a party and figured out how to hook my iPod up to the stereo in the living room, which is good, because, in the end, music and dancing make the party. Nothing got broken which was Grandma's only fear before she left for the weekend knowing I was throwing a party. (Ok, the bench from the dining room got broken, but it was on it's way anyway. Really.) I had fun, although I got a bit "smashed", but it TOTALLY wasn't my fault. As far as i know, I only had one glass of wine... somehow it kept getting mysteriously filled for me. And a beer and two jello shots. And, according to Damian, a shot of SoCo, but I think he's making that up. Matt made pepperoni bread which was unbelievably good. Now my head hurts, but the house is fine, and all is well.